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Português: Aspecto de falésia na Nazaré, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Is Portugal’s wave the biggest ever surfed?
Mr Burle was with fellow surfer Maya Gabeira, also from , who was knocked unconscious by the strong waves and nearly drowned.


What to do in the Algarve in Winter

Cliff house Giant Camera (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Escape the bad weather and enjoy beautiful days in the warm sun. In the Algarve there are 3 seasons, a winter one would wait in vain. Of course, then here are not 40 degrees and more, but with considerably more than 300 sunny days per year can be seen here throughout the year, people in the clear waters of the Atlantic swim.
Although the winter in the Algarve may bring some rain from time to time, but in between there are wonderful weeks with sunshine and pleasant temperatures. Long walks above or along the legendary coasts, stroll in the colorful small towns, visiting the colorful markets and a soft, southern light offer a welcome contrast to the cold and gray time in Central Europe.


Forest of cork oaks in the south of Portugal (Algarve) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In December, the orange harvest begins in the fields and the delicious fruits for „little ” money to be on the streets again offered. Portugal was, according to British studies, in 2011 the cheapest country in the euro zone. During Advent, the shops decorate their expenses and loving Christmas and ‘s Eve is celebrated just like in the rest of Europe. Thus, at the turn of wild flowers begin to bloom in the fields and in January, the almond bloom begins which alone is worth the trip. Culinary compromises you really need not go into here, if needed you can get just about anything you are used to at home, whether you want to prepare it yourself or want to indulge in one of the countless restaurants.
Excursions to and cliffs


A trip into the hinterland was definitely worth it, maybe to the north in the region of Monchique , or situated on the cliffs to the west. A varied landscape is here. Every now and then, a garden with olive trees, between particularly impressive gnarled cork oaks, which provide the basic material for one of the most important industries in Portugal. The bark of this evergreen species of oak is a universal natural product. It must first pass 20 years before a part of the tree is first peeled. May then be harvested after nine years at the earliest, so says the law. The „tiradores „ (Peeler) slots with the ax on the pieces to be removed. A bone work, especially as the cork harvest is possible only in the summer, because it can at this time, peels the bark easiest. The nitrogen-filled cells give the cork excellent properties as insulating material. It does not burn and does not conduct electricity. Migrates a cork in the neck of a bottle, this is the highest award for him. Only when the volume of its pores is capable of bottleneck seal like a suction cup, a wine can be stored safely. Unfortunately, displace cheap plastic caps and crown caps more and more the real cork bark. The Museu da Cortica in the Fábrica do Inglês in Silves provides insight into the production and processing of this typical Portuguese natural substance.


Just in winter, a view of the breakwater in front of the cliffs is worth something north of Sagres in . Driven by distant Atlantic storms break huge waves on the . Even the curious angler standing up on the edge of refuge. The detour via the gravel road through the park was worth it. Repeatedly suppressed by the sun between the clouds shredded by the wind. Half an hour later in a sheltered bay to the south: The sky is deep blue; the water is flat as a table. Here the anglers carefree do their work. If tonight is fried fish with their families on the menu, or is, everything sold on the markets?
The year in the Algarve is slightly unstable weather expected with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees. Only the nights are cooler.



Go To Algarve Portugal

Nevertheless, of late that is starting to change. Portugal has a lot more to provide the world than the night life, task and cheap trips you’ll discover around the Algarve. The entire nation is criss-crossed with locations of superior appeal, fanstastic vistas for walking, cycling and horse riding.

There are lots of other beautiful and renowned summertime spots such as Albufeira, Vilamoura, Lagos, Quarteira, Monte Gordo and Tavira. The Algarve is hilly, but travelled over with abundant valleys. The Algarve was a semi-autonomous location with a governor from 1595 to 1808, and also a separate taxation system till completion of the 18th century. The Algarve is the most southern area of landmass Portugal, incorporating, among others, the urban areas of Faro, Albufeira, Lagos. Faro, which the Christian residents had called Santa clam Maria, was renamed Faraon, which means (“the negotiation of the Knights”).

The Martinhal Beach Resort; Accommodation, has actually now turneded into one of the most effective high-end family members resorts in Europe. The Martinhal formally just opened up in 2012 on the south-westerly tip of the Algarve in Portugal

Praia da Marinha, Lagoa was classified as one of the ONE HUNDRED most beautiful and well protected seasides of the world. It has actually considering that come to be a common destination for the Germans and the Dutch. The Carthaginians started Portus Hanibalis which is known today as Portim? o in circa 550 BC. The shoreline is notable for stunning sedimentary rock caves and grottoes, particularly around Lagos, which are accessible by powerboat. There are Algarve-based English-written publications and papers specifically resolved to this neighborhood. The Portugal News being the most preferred.

The coastal city of Faro, in Portugal’s Algarve area, was when component of old Rome and was later ruled by the Moors, that shed it to the Christians in 1249. With a lengthy and remarkable history and intriguing destinations, in addition to seasides and bars, it’s not surprising that Faro is a beloved with travelers.

There’s a guaranteed upswing around the nation in regard to the West coast ending up being a lot more commercial re social tourism, though the powers that be are careful not to permit it to become a brand-new ‘Algarve’. In spite of the slower development and advancement of just what’s now known as the Silver Shore, from both an across the country developmental standpoint and that of a visitor one, Portugal is slowly ending up being a solid contender in the European market.

With its magnificent seasides and glowing Mediterranean sunlight, Portugal is among the most preferred spots to go for a conventional sea and sand holiday, and the most effective location for this is the coastal area of the Algarve. Set in the south of Portugal it has a valued environment and warm Mediterranean hospitality. Its seasides are golden and kept tidy, often washed each day. The sea is shimmering and blue and the ports are stunning. It is easy to get to your Algarve hotel as the entire of the area is effortlessly obtainable from Faro International airport and employ vehicles are acceptable and easily offered. The main traveler destination in the location is the beach town of Albufeira, an active spot with everything you can long for to make a family members holiday complete.

Lagoa City County Algarve Portugal History Heritage Architecture Monuments Culture Traditions Beaches RoadMap

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Algarve Tour Trip Overview, info and pictures of National Monuments, Historical Sites, Architecture of Portugal and Museums to go to in the Algarve, when in Quarteira, Queren & ccedil; a, Vilamoura, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Faro, Portim & atilde; o and LouléAlgarve’s Vacationer Guide-Architecture, Monuments and History of the Algarve Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal Monumental Roadmap Lagoa City and County Lagoa is a Portuguese city of Algarve, Faro Area, with around 6 100 inhabitants. It is the home of a little municipality with 88.50 km & sup2;and 23 835 residents(2006), broken down in to 6 parishes. The municipality is surrounded to the northeast by the municipality of Silves, Portim & atilde; o is on the west, and by the Atlantic Ocean at southern. History Long prior to the reported accomplishments of the knight templar Dom Paio Peres Correia (1242-1246) the land of Lagoa have been dominated from the Arabs and as a result integrated in to the kingdom of Portugal, being affixed to completion of Silves. On January 16, 1773 by a charter of the king El Rey Dom Jose was established the Lagoa County, having been elevated to town standing after its major negotiation-Lagoa.
According to historical resources the original settlement of Lagoa born around a pool, where swamps have actually been dried out in order to create productive land and residences where people of the

  • Muslim empire ultimately settled. The natural deposits of the areaadded considerably to the present financial framework based upon the following activities: agriculture, angling, small industry and tourist. The fishing activity (communities of Ferragudo, Benagil, Carvoeiro and Senhora da Rocha), the cultivation of creeping plants and standard society were rainfed until a few decades back, the main sources of income of the town. Driven by angling, canning, early last century, ravaged these quits bringing great prosperity and wealth. Nonetheless, from the 60s –, tourist was the main motorist of the region, creating the structures required for the growth of the economic climate, with vital consequences in the labor market, specifically in terms of productionof job. This activity swiftly established itself as an electric motor of the neighborhood economy, the terrific lever of advancement, ending up being a long-lasting and architectural nature of the region’s economic situation. Along with tourism

    , has actually grown a whole variety of tasks, especially in solutions, building, commerce and sector. Lagoa Today Lagoa is now as a vacationer area of the Algarve. There are a number of elements addingto this recognition, specifically the range of providings(the beauty of its seasides-backed by wonderful accommodations, golf links, social heritage ), the appropriate land usage in terms of preparation, the social security and the goodwill of its individuals. With a renewed social sight, advocated by tourism, lagoon welcoming numerous genealogical methods, linked to pottery, to desserts, with the objective of maximizing the worth and as an element of the tourist product. As proof of this advertising is a terrific craft show, held yearly at Exhibition Park Fish pond-FATACIL. Some heritage buildings have actually been the target of campaigns to make them living spaces of culture, featuring the Municipal Collection and the Convent of St. Joseph- Cultural Facility of the Urban area of Laguna- which holds out efficiencies of numerous kinds and origin, exhibitions amongst various other activities. Furthermore, it needs to be noted likewise, the a lot of social tasks take location at Parque Municipal das Fontes, in Est & ocirc; mbar, throughout the year, featuring movie theater, dance and conventional singing. Over the past 15 years, Lake has among the highest rates of economic advancement in all towns in the Algarve region. Today is enhanced with many facilities in health and wellness, education and education, sport, convenience and tourism. Parishes The 6 villages of Lagoa are: Praia do Carvoeiro Est & ocirc; mbar Ferragudo Lagoa Parchal Porches All parishes have the standing of towns, except Shallows, which has the standing of a city. Beaches Lagoa is a region rich in seasides. It has coastlines in visible growth, both facilities, both water high quality and bordering atmosphere, now beginning to contend with the eye-catching coastlines of Portim & atilde

    • ; o and Albufeira. From the

    seasides of this county, there are the following: Praiade Albandeira(Albandeira coastline)Praia da Angrinha(Angrinha beach) Praia do Barranco Praia do Barranquinho seaside Praia de Benagil seaside Caneiros Coastline Praia do Carvalho Carvoeiro seaside Praia da Cova Redonda Praia de Ferragudo Praia Grande Ferragudo(Ferragudo large seaside) Levante Seaside Praia da Marinha coastline Praia do Mato Praia do Molhe coastlinePraia Nova Praia da Senhora da Rocha Paia do Pintadinho Praia dos Lupines Praia do Vale de Centeanes(Centeanes Valley Seaside )Ancestry Igreja Matriz de Lagoa( Lagoa Mom Religion)Igreja Matriz de Est & ocirc; mbar(Est & ocirc; mbar Mother Religion)St. Joseph Convent Convento de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Fort St. John Arade All-natural Curiosities Algar Seco Grottos Sítio das Fontes

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  • Praia da Falésia Beach Marina de Vilamoura Touristic Golfe Resort Quarteira Loulé Algarve PineWood Cliffs Beaches


    Algarve Tour Travel Guide, information and photos of Wonders of Nature, beaches and parks, Portugal, Algarve, near the municipality of Loulé, near Vilamoura, Quarteira, Quinta da Ombria, Querença, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and Faro
    Algarve Destination Guide – Nature, Environment and Wonders of the Algarve: Parks, Viewpoints, Beaches and unknown heritage of the Algarve
    Tourist Guide Loule – Nature, Environment and Natural Wonders of Loulé Parks, Viewpoints, Beaches, Heritage of Loulé

    Marina de Vilamoura Touristic Complex Golfe Resort Praia da Falésia Beach

    Surrounded by red cliffs, at near of which lies one of the most famous golf courses in the Algarve, and one of the best marinas in the world, Praia da Falésia Vilamoura Marina beach, situated close the tourist village of Vilamoura, is one of the best known internationally.

    The main beach at Vilamoura (to the west of the marina), called the Falesia, is beautiful, very clean and has been awarded the blue flag.
    The extensive beach that stretches for miles connecting it to the nearby beaches are excellent for long walks, complemented by a wide range of sports and leisure, which includes water sports, golf, tennis, a well-tended space between pine trees and garden areas. Equipment and Services: restaurant and cafe on the beach, rent umbrellas and chairs, water sports, beach lifeguard for the captaincy, flagged, lifeguards, Blue Flag

    Location: Falésia Vilamoura, Quarteira parish, municipality of Loulé

    Nearby: Faro, Albufeira, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Garrão, Vilamoura, Loule, Querença

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