Portugal Vacation Destinations

Lisbon, like Rome, was built on seven hills; with the Italian capital has at least one thing in common: it is very international. Located on the Rio Tejo, so close to the ocean than any other European capital, it is influenced by commerce and navigation of its various occupants over the centuries.

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Portugal Vacation Destinations

The Romans loved the perfect location of the Rio Tejo and took advantage of its natural harbor, the bay; the Arabs expanded the city and made it a base of their trading empire. First conquered in 1147, Afonso Henriques, the first Portuguese King, after four months of siege, the Islamic city at the time.

Today the city is still one of the most remarkable in the world. An impressive number of historic monuments characterize the city today. However, the unparalleled location on the north bank of the river and the far-sighted, successful replanning contribute to incomparable flavor.
None of the regions of differs from all others as much as . After Arabic translation it is the “land of the setting sun,” a two hundred mile long, barely 50km wide coastal strip in the south of Portugal.

The Algarve reminiscent of North African coastal landscapes with its wide beaches, with an interesting variety in vegetation: date palms, oranges, pomegranates, and sweet potatoes. In addition, the carob tree is valued because it provides wood as well as horse and mule feed. In summer, the almond trees blossom (o algarvio) and cover the area with a white or pink white wedding clothes.

The five hundred year reign of the Berbers and Arabs has shaped the Algarve. From here, invaded Arabic words into Portuguese slang, which are still used today: armazem – shed, azeitonas – olives almoƧo – lunch. Many places carry Arabic names here. The Algarve coast consists largely of steep walls, which are among the praias and often rocks and grottoes in quirky designs.
The taste is different, even in the choice of holiday destination for a beach holiday. Portugal has various beach areas and may thus show a suitable beach for every type of holiday.

The Algarve is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination of Portugal. Located on the southern coast of the Algarve beaches are perfect for a beach holiday. Pleasant climate, good tourist infrastructure, and excellent golf courses each year attract thousands of visitors to the Algarve. East of Faro boasts long sandy beaches, while west of Faro, the ocher-colored rocks shine and you can swim in small-protected bays.

Especially beautiful beaches are Dona Ana, near Lagos, Senhora da Rocha near Armacao de Pera , Salgados in Albufeira and Ilha de Tavira.

For followers of unspoilt beaches with strong waves of the beach of Arrifana is one of the most beautiful and many come from far away to see this. The beach Barriga is no less beautiful. You can reach this beach by a dirt road and you should bring supplies, but the effort will be reward with a beautiful beach.
Calm sea and long sandy beaches can be found in the eastern Algarve. Here you can enjoy miles of sandy beach. Who wants to spread his beach towel right there where he pleases, will fall in the Barril beach on one of the islands of Tavira.
Portugal has many beautiful and interesting tourist destinations that you can visit. You can get more information on this site in the coming weeks.


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